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Going on vacation and didn’t have time to tidy up?
Tidy Team come to your house and tidy up while you’re relaxing!
Vacation services include:

Tidy Team by Tai is the perfect fit for busy professionals, moms, the elderly and anyone with physical limitations. We aren’t just movers, we are trained professional organizers offering packing/unpacking services.
PACKING: We handle all your belongings with extremely care, all boxes are organized and label in a way that will make everything easier when it’s time to unpack. Upon request, we go shopping for your packing supplies and bring them with us on the day of the service. UNPACKING: Whether you are moving to or within the Atlanta area or finishing a remodel of your existing home, you have a blank canvas and now is the perfect opportunity to be intentional about your new space. Establishing organizing systems now will simplify your life going forward. We can help you unpack and move in quickly so you can start enjoying your new or updated home.  

For some of us one of the hardest things about getting organized is STAYING organized. Life can be so busy, the kids need your attention, the job is very demanding… hang up and fold your clothes in your closet can be an stressful task to accomplish.
If you have a brain-based condition such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, hoarding disorder, etc. or a physical limitation such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, it can be even harder. That’s why here at Tidy Team by Tai, we offer maintenance sessions for our organizing clients.

Maintenance sessions are for clients who have already worked with us and just need some support maintaining their new organizing systems.


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This way we can better understand your needs, see your space and give you an estimate.


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Home Organization


Hours your professional organizer spends in your home – purging, sorting, and organizing, plus:



Premium Packages

*Organizing Plans are paid at 50% up front and the remaining 50% at the end of your project (or at the end of 30 days – whichever comes first) and are non-refundable. Partial payment ensures your session date(s) are on our calendar and is due at the signing of your service agreement.


Vacation Services

Welcome back..!


Starting at $300

*In-Home Consultation is included and Necessary for New Vacation Service Clients”


Moving management/ Packing and Unpacking

Hours your professional organizing team spends in your home – unpacking and organizing, plus:
  • 30-minute initial video consultation to discuss your project and provide an estimate.
  • Time spent shopping for organizing products to suit your taste and budget
  • Time spent planning and designing organizing solutions
  • Communication with you for up to two weeks after the completion of your project
  • Arranging appointments with other service providers
  • Removing trash or donation items at the end of each day
  • Upon request, we will go shopping for packing supplies and bring with us on the day of the session. (Shopping fee will be applied)


Maintenance Plan

Once a Month Visit ( 4 Hours )
Price: $285
Once a Month Visit ( 5 Hours )
Price: $360
Once a Month Visit ( 6 Hours )
Price: $430

*We also offer bi-weekly maintenance.

*Maintenance sessions must be scheduled within the assigned month. Time will not be allowed to roll over to the following month.